Welcome to your St Helens Dentist helping you achieve dental perfection as orthodontics specialists.

Your local St Helens Dentist providing the specialist orthodontics care to area of Merseyside and further afield. St Helens Dentist is a centre of excellence for orthodontic care in the North West, we have a team of specialist dental staff who will provide the expert care to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Orthodontics treatments, most commonly recognised as braces, are increasingly popular as the importance of appearance becomes more relevant. relevant.

We are seeing more often, people who have concerns about their dental appearance seeking treatment. These concerns can range from serious dental malformation through to someone with slight misalignment but healthy teeth wishing to create a perfectly straight smile.

Orthodontic dentistry has advanced significantly in recent years, with more training, treatments and products available than previously. This has opened up the speciality to the public considerably, the previous difficult and long treatments giving way to more effective and more affordable treatments allowing anyone who wishes to improve the appearance of the teeth.

At St Helens Dentist , we want every part of the client experience to be positive so we do everything possible to put the client at ease throughout their time with us.

Treatments and Care

There is a treatment that will suit any dental need, budget or lifestyle. All of these factors are considered by St Helens dentist team during initial consultations to ensure that the right decisions are made for those involved.

We understand that our patients lead busy lives, so we always do our best to accommodate them with regards to appointments and aim to be flexible. If you need any help or support, we do it in a way that suits you.

Orthodontic treatment can take an extended period of time, so it is important that patients and dentists develop an understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of each party and that the patient is happy with the clinics facilities and services. The St Helens dentist team regularly review their training and the treatments they provide to ensure that advances made are included in the expert care and service that clients receive.

Your Dental Centre

Every care has been taken to make the purpose built dental centre as relaxing and comfortable as possible for the patients with completely open and accessible public areas throughout the centre. The treatment facilities are set up to carry out all procedures in the one building ensuring the appointments are as speedy and convenient as possible.

There are also private consultation rooms for advisory meetings in case you may need to meet with your individual dentist.

If you have any thought or ideas on something you might like us to consider at St Helens Dentist , then we would like to hear from you. The only way to make sure that the patient experience is right, and that they leave happy (and most importantly smiling!) is to be told by you.








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St Helens Dentist provides orthodontic treatment for all patients that visit the surgery. Your dentist will provide expert knowledge and can best advise you on which is best suited to your needs.

There are 3 main treatments we offer;

  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Invisalign

All options can be discussed with your dentist where they will happy to answer any questions you have.

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If you want to find out more, you can visit us or contact us and we will provide all the information and help you need.

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